Tom Bu

About Me

Studies computer science and media. Practices software engineering and photography.


  • Programming Languages
  • Frameworks and Development Tools
    Unity 3D
  • Operating Systems
    Arch Linux
    Proxmox VE
  • Databases
  • Media Production
    Adobe Photoshop
    Affinity Photo
    DaVinci Resolve


  • University of Southern CaliforniaLos Angeles, California, USA2020 - 2021 (anticipated)
    Master of Sciences, Major: Computer Science
  • Skidmore CollegeSaratoga Springs, New York, USA2015 - 2019
    Bachelor of Arts, Major: Computer Science; Minor: Media and Film Studies

Professional Experiences

  • CIP UnitedRemote
    SWE Intern (Open-Source Ecosystems)May 2021 - present
    • Bootstrapped and maintained an Arch Linux system targeting the MIPS64 r6 (little endian) architecture.
    • Maintained various tools and utility packages to the MIPS64 r6 Arch Linux system.
    • Involved in identifying and fixing MIPS-specific bugs of upstream open-source projects.
  • Yangtze Memory Technologies Corp.Wuhan, China
    SWE InternAugust - December 2019
    • Prototyped a document management system with Java EE, Oracle DB, and Apache Solr. This system enabled customized document management workflow and allowed users to search documents using the preferred criteria.
    • Maintained and extended line-of-business applications built with .NET Framework. Such applications enabled production engineers to easily retrieve, store, and visualize data from production stages. These applications also integrated support for factory floor equipment and removed the dependency on vendor software.
  • Beijing Aixiazi Tech Development Co,. Ltd.,Beijing, China
    Frontend SWE InternJuly 2018
    • Worked on various frontend development, deployment, and system administration tasks.
  • Fusion Media Department, Hubei Daily Media GroupWuhan, China
    Journalist InternJune 2018
    • Worked on field reporting and visual media production.
    • Products included short video reportages and photographs.

Projects and Coursework

  • Scalable, Cloud-Native Hybrid Private NetworkJune 2020 - present
    Built a Linux-based, software defined network linking local and cloud server instanced. Implemented zero-trust across the network, and allowed unified access of networked resources.
  • 3D-Graphics and RenderingJanuary - April 2021
    Implemented a OpenGL-like software graphics rendering library in C++. Lead a three-member team and added shadow mapping function to the base rendering library.
  • Mobile Game: Angry DefenseSeptember - December 2020
    Built an Angry Birds-inspired turn-based physics game using Unity with a team, leading the implementation of game logic, physics, and telemetry. Conducted data analysis with Power BI.
  • Computer GraphicsAugust - November 2020
    Implemented a height mapper and an animated roller coaster in C++ and OpenGL. Implemented a simple software ray tracer in C++.
  • Mobile Game: ElementallyMay - July 2020
    Built a Monument Valley-inspired physics game using Unity with a team, focusing on core game logic, DevOps, and integration testing.
  • Multimedia Systems DesignJanuary - May 2020
    Built a media file synapse image generator using .NET Core, Egmu CV, ImageMagick, and FFmpeg. Implemented various image processing and compression algorithms.


  • Rail RomanesqueOctober 2020
    Contributed to production of this anime series by providing needed audio recordings (under the pseudonym Late in Autumn).
  • Train Girl Illustrated Handbook 2August 2019
    Chinese title:《铁道少女图鉴2》; ISBN: 9787554307243. Contributed to this publication by providing documentary photography works.
  • Photograph print: RipariusOctober 2018 - April 2019
    Exhibited at Skidmore College Student Art in Library Fall 2018.
  • Two sets of photograph printsFebruary 2018 - March 2018
    Exhibited at 2018 Skidmore Juried Student Exhibition.
  • Train Girl Illustrated HandbookDecember 2017
    Chinese title:《铁道少女图鉴》; ISBN: 9787554304464. Contributed to this publication by providing documentary photography works.
  • Photograph print: Late in SummerOctober 2017 - April 2018
    Exhibited at Skidmore College Student Art in Library Fall 2017.
  • Photograph print: Railroad Crossings in CitiesOctober 2016 - April 2017
    Exhibited at Skidmore College Student Art in Library Fall 2016.

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